Satan’s Authority Over Earth

Satan was handed the keys to this world by Adam and Eve when they sinned. They had authority over the world and everything within it. At the moment of their disobedience, control of the world was handed over to Satan, the great deceiver. Bad things happen because this is the devil’s world. He holds the keys now, not us.

“Why would a loving God allow evil to rule and bad things to happen to good people? Where was your God when this tragedy occurred? Where was He when this bad thing happened?” God is very much active in this world, thwarting the plans of the enemy, but we chose to relinquish control, to sin against God, and these actions turned nature itself against us. The bad things that happen are the result of Adam and Eve’s choice, which affects us all. So yes, bad things will happen in a world controlled by the enemy. But, ultimately, God is in control. He will be victorious, no matter what the enemy does. He is with us on this wild ride we call life.

Satan’s orderly system, which includes purpose, strategy, and a structured authority, is designed to subvert the Plan of God and the human race. Satan’s aim is to rule the world. The world is Satan’s classroom for disseminating false doctrines — the “doctrines of demons.” Any person, denomination or religion that does not recognize Jesus Christ as God Incarnate (Eternal God) is anti-Christ and influenced by Satanic doctrine in the world.

Satan is the Master Counterfeiter and there is no truth in Satan (John 8:44). Satan has designed a counterfeit righteousness which appeals to human arrogance the merit system, better known as religion. Religion as used here is salvation by works — good deeds — Satan’s counterfeit to faith in the cross-work of Christ. Christ (Messiah) did the work for our salvation, Satan has influenced mankind into believing the lie, the deception of salvation by good deeds and human works. Salvation is a free gift! Mankind, because of Satan’s lies — has deceived man with his counterfeit religion — counterfeit salvation.  Satan has successfully convinced man that he must work and earn his salvation. Satan has replaced Christ on the Cross with man’s good works to be saved.

Please reference and compare the following verses: Isaiah 64:6; Matthew 19:16-26; Matthew 23; Luke 18:9-12; 2 Corinthians 4:4; 11:3-4; Galatians 1:8; 3:2-3; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; 8-10; 2 John 10-11.

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