Common Arguments Against God, Salvation, And Biblical Truth

The “I want nothing to do with organized religion” argument is based on the rules and corruption of human-created religion, and this argument is valid. God Himself stands apart from organized religion. Religion is humans trying to gain the approval of God by working their way toward something better. Grace, on the other hand, is what God freely does for us, apart from anything we can do, say, or add. Christianity is a relationship with God and stands separate from religion. If you dislike religion, rest assured that God dislikes it more than you.

“A ‘god’ who is loving wouldn’t send people to hell. I won’t follow any ‘god’ who would do that.” This is an invalid argument born of ignorance.

God is true to His character, and one of His characteristics is perfect justice. He cannot go against the attributes of His character, so He must condemn humankind to hell for our disobedience. He has no choice. Spiritual death is the result of our sin, and God must condemn that sinful state, that sinful nature of ours. But, He also had a way to satisfy His perfect justice, and that was by sending His Son to pay the price, to satisfy His justice perfectly. With that done, God provides an escape from an eternity in the lake of fire. (See? He is a loving God after all!) He created the emergency exit from condemnation. Walk through it. That’s all He asks.

“Know Jesus, Know Peace. No Jesus, No Peace”

The mind, indeed the very soul, demands order amid the chaos of the world. Every single mind and soul has a God-shaped void permanently imprinted upon them… and here’s where trouble begins: The mind and soul seek to fill this God-shaped void by any means necessary.

These facts are the reasons why many people are so miserable. Other than what God has freely provided, there is nothing that will fully satisfy you; only temporary happiness can be found in the empty things of this world.

Maybe it’s why you’re miserable, or certainly not as happy and content as you could be or should be. It’s that insatiable itch deep down that causes us to bounce from one thing to another, frantically searching for the happiness our mind and soul desire to fill that God-shaped void.

Open your mind to the truth of God, and to the reality and reliability of His Word. A deep, pure, and honest love awaits you… the unquenchable longing in your heart will, at last, be fulfilled.

Have people abandoned you? God won’t. Have people let you down? God won’t. Have people hurt you and betrayed you and broken their promises? God never will. Are you friendless and alone? God can’t wait to be your loyal, forever companion. Want someone you can vent to any time, anywhere, and for any reason, all without them judging you or looking down on you? That’ll be God, too.

He will never tire of you, never tell you to go away, and never tell you you’re getting on His nerves. He’ll never say that you’re not good enough, or that you’ll never amount to anything, or that you’re worthless. God loves you — He loved you enough to send His only Son to die for you. How many people can you say that about?

There’s more to life than the empty things of this world.

Life can be wonderful, regardless of circumstance, with God in your life and His truths in your mind — His Word hidden in your heart so that you might live the complete and satisfying life you desire.

It’s all up to you: Keep wallowing in a never-ending, never-satisfying, empty misery, or Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, then seek God and get to know Him (He is knowable). He loves you. He wants a relationship with you, personally. He will be your constant companion and friend.

A few things in closing:

God is absent from humankind because man rejects God. Therefore, God continually offers restoration, even rescue, to any person who chooses God by faith in the cross-work of Christ – God offers mercy.

God’s finger of justice always points to the Cross. 

Daily, be faithful to God as you walk your personal pathway through Fields of Grace.

Be confident always in the Integrity of God … that is true faith. 




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