Sin Nature

The source of temptation to commit sin, human good, and evil inherent in the cell structure of the human body; the center of rebellion toward  God when in control of the soul. Composed of an area of strength which produces human good, an area of weakness which produces personal sin, trends toward legalism or antinomianism, and lust patterns.  The sin nature was originally acquired by Adam at his fall and is subsequently transmitted genetically to all mankind through procreation.  At birth, God imputes Adam’s original sin to the sin nature (Romans 5:12), resulting in spiritual death, the sovereignty of the sin nature over human life (Romans 6:12, and total depravity of all humanity, except Jesus Christ.  Because of the virgin birth, Jesus Christ was born without a sin nature.  The sin nature is the “old man” of Ephesians 4:22 (KJV); the  Adamic nature or “flesh” of Romans 8:3-4; the principle of “sin” of  Romans 6:12;  7:8-20.  See also “Human Nature”…Sin Nature and Human Nature are synonymous terms.  Old Sin Nature is also synonymous.

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