Where Are My Children Tonight?

Where are my children tonight, I pray

Longing for the years of yesterday

Their faces so sweet and bright

Where are my children tonight?


As little babies pure in heart

They filled my soul right from the start

Seldom crying when hungry or wet

They slept all night in their baby beds.


They crawled the floors on baby knees

Moving as fast as they could after me

Then climbed my leg and into my heart

Why Lord must we ever part?


So sweet were their frustrations and fears

Precious were the moments of tears

Love from their hearts so innocent and true

How do I let go, Lord, what shall I do?


 Crying or laughing each little voice I knew

When they came running for a hug or two

I will always remember with wonderful pride

The days I was blessed when they sat by my side


Where are my children tonight I pray

Why can we not stay together,  in yesterday

I still hear their voices down corridors of time  

How do I let go, LORD … they’ve always been mine?


LORD, I know you have a plan for my children

Time to stop being a parent — a burden

Cause now, they have children of their own

But, I’ll always have the memories of our little family home.


By C. S. Craig

December 29, 2009

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