Thee Or Me, Oh Lord

Is your thinking more about you, or Christ? Is your thinking more about you, or others? Is your concern for your own security, or the less fortunate, even the homeless? What is your goal in life? Is your goal a goal that pays you dividends in time, or rewards for eternity? How many times a day do you use the letter-word “I”  in your thinking, and verbally?

If we are honest with ourselves and especially the Lord, we will all be found lacking in our devotion to the Lord and others. Our concern being more for self than anyone outside ourselves. Are we not human? Are we not all the same differently? 

As we learn God, we learn the truth about ourselves. As the Holy Spirit conforms us to Christ, He must transform our thinking away from SELF to outside ourselves. The potential in each of us is a gift from the Lord. The filling of our potential is the work of the Holy Spirit in us. But, we must learn to make the correct decisions.

As we learn to see outside ourselves, our worldview becomes a different view of the world. Our viewing-point is not looking down, it is looking up. Our viewpoint is not looking inward, it is looking out — for others — both unbelievers and believers. More and more, as our eyes focus on the Lord and in His Word, our anxieties become an anxiousness to learn more. Our paranoia, peace. Think on these things.

Early twentieth-century hymn writer A. B.  Simpson wrote these words:

Once it was the blessing, now it is the Lord. 

Once it was the feeling, now it is His Word.

Once His gifts I wanted, now the Giver alone.

Once I sought healing, now Himself alone.

Me, or Thee, Oh Lord?

We must learn to focus on the Lord, not our gifts; on God’s Word, not ourselves. We must learn God if we are to be conformed to the image of Christ. Therefore learn God — learn His Word, so that you will more and more begin to think like Christ, with the Mind of Christ 1 Corinthians 2:16.  

This study is being prayerfully written. More meditating thought will follow.

Happy Studying in Fields of Grace.

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