Someone Once Said …

Someone once said, Life’s the pits and then you die
They seem not to care or to learn the reason why
God’s Word tells the reason for sin, aging and sorrow
But, why read it now when you can read it tomorrow

Someone once said, I don’t believe the Bible is God’s Word
It wasn’t written by God but, by fanatical old men, I’ve heard
Yes, the Bible was written by men, inspired by God they achieved
Exactly what God intended, cause inspired means God-breathed

Someone once said, I want nothing to do with religion’s doors
Religion has caused so much suffering and death in killing wars
More than all the sickness and disease that ever afflicted mankind
Since the fall in the Garden through all the centuries of time

Someone once said, Churches are full of self-righteous hypocrites
Who come to gossip and meddle, in clicks for mutual benefit
Comparing their strength to the weakness of others
They stab you in the back these so called sisters and brothers

Someone once said, the clergy hammers on sin and condemnation
They should be teaching forgiveness through Christ for salvation
If Christ died for our sins, then why is sin still made the issue
Why do Churches make it sound like God is out to get you

Someone once said, Churches won’t let you drink or dance
So, I don’t go to Church cause I like to and I can’t
The Bible says be not drunk, be not a gluten
It doesn’t say you can’t have fun and do nothing

Someone once said, I’m ready for God if He’s ready for me
This was pride and vanity – he didn’t know Christ, you see
He went to Church his whole life and was sure God would be pleased
But, he never accepted Christ, now he’s lost for eternity

Someone once said, Adam’s sin passed to all men
Then God gave man the chance to do it all over again
The first man – Adam, died when he ate of the forbidden tree
The second man – Christ, died on that tree and said eat freely

Someone once said, If I were the first man I would not have disobeyed
Then, we wouldn’t be in this mess  that Adam made
God said trust His Son so you can be saved – have you obeyed
If not, then, you’ve made the same decision Adam made

Someone once said, You don’t have to believe in Christ
Because there are heathens who’ve never heard of the God of life
Not true! All through the ages heathens have heard and refused
Christ as their Savior and they are not excused

Someone once said, I’m a good person and I believe in God
He helps those who help themselves and I’ve done a pretty good job
You may believe in God but, you’re believing more in self,
You have excluded Christ and your Bible that sits on the shelf

Someone once said, I didn’t ask to be born in this worldly mess
God doesn’t blame me nor anyone for sin or worldliness
Then you have made God in your own image and let this be known
If you don’t receive Christ as your Savior, you are on your own

Someone once said, What about babies who die before or at birth
Or, little children who don’t understand, are they to be cursed
Babies and children who do not understand
Go immediately to heaven in the palm of God’s hand

Someone once said, If God gave His Son a living sacrifice
Then why does man so arrogantly think, he can save his own life
If man can work for salvation, then why did Christ endure the pain
Why did He suffer beatings, and misery, the nails, and the shame

Someone once said, and wisely so, Jesus is man’s only hope
Not the Church, not religion, not works, not even the Pope
Someone once said, Jesus died so our sins could be forgiven
He is the God of justice and love – our only ticket to heaven

Written February, 1997, by Chauncey S. Craig

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