Open My Eyes

Lord, open my eyes that I may see
The purpose of the life you planned for me
I know you give strength to carry the load
And then walk with me down my road 

When I live with pain or sorrow
I know it will be better tomorrow
For you divided each day by night
So I can rest then continue my fight 

When life gets tuff filled with loss
You lead me Lord to the foot of your cross
For it is there my eyes can truly see
Your pain – your loss on Calvary 

As I bow down and kiss your feet
You fill me with strength for life to meet
And when I rise from bended knees
You wipe my tears and set me free

Lord, I know you walked life’s hardest road
And you never asked anyone to carry your load
So, I’ll listen to you wherever you lead
‘Till the end of my road meets eternity

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