My Mother’s Day

She fed me from her gentle breast
and comforted me in her arms of rest
and on my cheeks tender kisses pressed. 

She rocked me in my cradle bed 
and watched adoringly my infant head
with tears of love and sweet affection shed. 

She gazed into my fearful eyes
when pain and sickness made me cry
and sometimes wept for fear I’d die. 

She was always there whenever I fell
and would an imaginary story tell
and kiss the hurt and make it well. 

She taught me as a child to play
and love God’s word and everyday
to walk in it’s wisdom and assuring way. 

Now, dear Mother, though sweet and gray,
I will be your strength from day to day
and pray always your pain away. 

Now, I will kiss your precious head
for it is my turn to watch your bed
with tears of love and sweet affection shed. 

This poem is for you, Mother, and tries to say
how much I love you in every way;
always in my heart you will stay
‘cause every day is My Mother’s day.

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