God Spoke Creation

Universe “Be” and the universe became

Eternity will never be the same

Out of the void a shout was heard

From light’s explosion – the universe emerged


When God spoke, nothing listened

And nothing became the something missing

Fireballs flashed across an endless space

God set in motion His Plan called Grace


“Angels, Be” and Angels became

Heaven will never be the same

Across the universe a shout was heard

Angels became spirits by God’s Word


When God spoke, nothing listened

Nothing became Angels the something missing

God said, this is Heaven your eternal home

Now billions of Angels surround His Throne


“Light, Be” and light became

Earth will never be the same

Frozen in darkness packed in ice

God’s radiation gave Earth new life


God took the soil in His great Big Hand

From the dust of the ground He made Man

Then, God breathed into his nostrils ‘soul life’

And from Adam He made Woman to be his wife


The earth is yours and all its domain

The animals, the birds, fish and creeping things

This is your home in the garden of Eden

But, don’t eat from this tree — it’s forbidden


No one knows the number of years that past

But, perfect environment didn’t last

Satan tricked Woman by deceit

The Woman gave to Adam and did eat


Adam tried to hide but there was no place to go

God said you can’t hide when you’re lost

But God so loved the world that He gave

His only begotten Son that man might be saved


This is the story and it is true

God the creator died for you

Trust his work on Calvary’s tree

And be restored to God for eternity


The choice is yours you must decide

You can run but you cannot hide

God’s voice spoke creation

God’s Son provided your Salvation

 C. S. Craig – July 21, 2000



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