From Heaven With Love – A Short Poem

How to be Saved


This message comes from heaven above

It’s written to you with all my love

The Lord called me home, but your grief must change

‘Cause I no longer suffer sickness and pain

Listen to my words and be of cheer

As I tell you what’s happened since I arrived here

I was immediately ushered before the Throne of Grace

Christ held my hand and touched my face

I died for you, he said, and faith you did keep

I fell to my knees and kissed his feet

As he whispered – you’re home where believers belong

All heaven rejoiced in beautiful song

His eyes are like fire in a diamond stone

A rainbow like an emerald surrounds his throne

Water runs from it, crystal clear never cold

The streets are formed with the purest gold

seven Glories

Then Jesus led me to the place He prepared

No building on earth can be compared

It is not built of wood, clay or stone

His light and His love fill my beautiful home

If you could only see me and all these things

And listen as I do when the angels sing

You would stop grieving and go on with your life

‘Cause I’m with my Savior – Jesus Christ

 C. S. Craig – 12/13/95

The Lord said: “But, go on now to the end of your life and your rest; for you will rise again and have your full share of those last days” (Daniel 12:13).

“This world is the only heaven the unbeliever will ever know — the only hell the believer will experience. It is okay to be earthly-minded and heavenly-bound.” — C. S. Craig
NOTE: Please see our study on Heaven
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