Called To Glory – Ascension Of My Soul

The universe I no longer see, and the sky has opened for my escort and me. Peace has filled my soul — my spirit is the light of it. We have passed through a veil and into this marvelous light. We move, yet not feeling movement. We fly without wings … our motion sustained by the breath of God.

I feel and hear pure enchantment … harmonious voices singing … music, such perfectly beautiful music. Before us, the view is heavenly. I know what I see without being told; as if I’ve always known and I have no doubts — there is no doubt where there is truth. There are no shadows here, no darkness, no aggression, no sin.

I see countless Angels all around, ascending and descending into the light. There are millions and millions of beautiful mansions made of glorious transparent light. Each mansion of light is the residence of believers, called the royal family of God — his saints.

God is seated on the Throne of Eternity and the Son of Man is at His right hand; His Holy Spirit is everywhere. His Throne is in the center of everything. The eternal light of His Glory has absorbed me. The eternal light of heaven is the lamp of His love, which is everywhere. Peace, such graceful peace. I hear a voice …

Jesus is calling my name … I am at his feet … His hand is … He touched me.

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