Thoughts To Ponder In Your Walk With The Lord (Part Two)

The solution against developing a love for the world is to develop a love for the Word – both the living Word (Yeshua/Jesus) and the written Word (Bible). The key to conquering love of the world is to love the Father, just as Jesus loved the Father. Victory over the flesh is by the Holy Spirit through the Word. Power over the devil is in the Son, Jesus Christ.

Chuck Colson in his book “The Good Life” (page 101) stated: “Two of the great paradoxes in life must be understood – the evil in ourselves before we can embrace the good life, and we have to lose our lives to save them.” Chuck went on to ask, “What good is life if we can no longer find good in it? Before we can find the good life, we have to find what’s good about life itself.”

When men fail to respect and believe God’s Word, all else is tragedy.

Christ said to the Pharisees, “But if you do not believe the writings of Moses, how will you believe My words?” – John 5:44-47

The watchwords of Christ, though full of light and life, cannot be seen by dead men’s eyes.

I am a soul. I have a body, which houses (covers) my soul. I have, as a believer, a spirit which reconnects me to my Creator-God through Jesus Christ, His Son. The center of who I am is my soul. I am immortal as a soul.

Dust is dust. Then God sculpted/molded the dust into a body with form. Into the body God breathed His spirit-life (soul-life), which was accompanied by everything necessary for a perfect man.You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Truth is, whether you believe it or not. Truth doesn’t change, it remains truth forever.

God pursues man.

Just and unjust. Good and evil. How do we know there is a difference?

The snow of winter gives way to the mists of spring and resurrection.


All quotes are by C. S. Craig unless otherwise indicated.

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