Thoughts To Ponder In Your Walk With The Lord (Part Three)

We inhale pure air, but exhale poison. The breath of soul/spirit life is the same breath that made the heavens (Psalm 33:6) and laid the foundations of the world (Psalm 18:15). How can man trust in man (humanism) with his one breath capacity when man can breathe in God’s breath – the written Word of God? (Hebrews 4:12) Man rejects God’s breath, the breath that gives eternal life.

Our body is the vehicle that houses our soul life – our consciousness. The soul is our center of being – our self-consciousness – our conscience self, as in ego-consciousness. I know, therefore I am. God is the Great I Am. God IS.

Our born-again spirit is God-conscious. So it is our conscious-soul-life that makes us different from all other life forms. As believers, we are self-conscious and God-conscious.

I am surrendered to Christ because Christ surrendered all for me.

Life is meaningless – a separation from God, empty, void, futile – without God. Therefore, seek God and His righteousness – His perfectly righteous Son. Jesus Christ is the centrality of history and of life. Choose to live with God now and forever. Choose Christ.

We are a mist, and then we disappear.

Einstein: “The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.”

C. S. Craig: “I can never catch up with knowledge; knowledge is rushing; knowledge has no end. All knowledge comes from God. Be in harmony with God.”

As believers, we sing praises to God. As believers, God sings in harmony with us. As believers, we fellowship with God. As believers, God walks with us and talks with us.

‘Vanity’ is equal to ‘meaningless.’ Meaningless means empty or emptiness. Life is futility without God. Those without God chase the wind, searching for the oasis – a mirage, so I devoted myself to study God’s Word of Truth.

The real barrier to salvation is arrogance.


All quotes are by C. S. Craig unless otherwise indicated.


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