Thoughts To Ponder In Your Walk With The Lord (Part One)

Committing ourselves to God’s Truths, we can withstand the assaults of materialism, communism, and existential humanism; we can keep our humanity – our dignity.

Our character is determined by our reaction to circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. Counter adversity with God’s Word, His principles, and faith – our fortification in time of need.

We have to recognize, and even more understand, and even more accept, our enmity, our sin nature, before we can truly embrace our God.

Oh, as a believer to live a life of grace, humility, and quiet dignity, just like Christ. My appreciation of Christ’s love, grace, and omnipotent humility deepens the more as I learn Christ.

When all the distractions of the world are stripped away, it is then that we can embrace Truth.

Work does not define us as much as doing a good job as unto the Lord.

Dignity rests on absolute truth.

Light requires an organ specifically designed and adapted for its reception (Matt. 6:22). In our fallen state, we are incapable of receiving spiritual light in as much as we lack the capacity for spiritual things (I Cor. 2:14). Hence, believers are called “sons of light” (Luke 16:8). By the new birth, we receive spiritual capacity for understanding Scripture and for fellowship with God.

Regarding eternity: From eternity past to eternity future, Christ completes the Plan of the Father through the Holy Spirit. Regarding time: Genesis begins with the ordered and life-giving activity of the Holy Creator. Revelation ends with Christ delivering creation to eternity.

God sees our sin as a debt we cannot pay. God opted for mercy and forgiveness instead of destruction. We were without hope, so God the Father designed a plan: Jesus Christ, the Word, would go to the cross to pay what man owes (Romans 5:8). The more we cling to the written Word of God, the more intimate our relationship with the living Word – God.


All quotes are by C. S. Craig unless otherwise indicated.

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