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Word Of Truth Ministries (WOTM) is a Grace Ministry.  WOTM operates without contributions.  Please support your local  Church.  We wish to reflect God’s Grace, therefore, we do not solicit money.  We do NOT offer gifts in exchange for Bible Studies….just “copy” and “paste.” The teaching of God’s Word here on WOTM is available free of charge to anyone serious about Bible Study.   We  do NOT keep a mailing list.  We do NOT know that you personally have visited our website….we respect your privacy!     With these things in mind,   learn and enjoy.   

If you or anyone you know needs prayer, please contact your local church.  However, if you are a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, the best prayer is from you directly to the Father.    

 WOTM is a TEACHING  platform designed to supplement the sermon  preaching of  many local churches.  WOTM TEACHES in depth – the MEAT OF GOD’S WORD.  

We urge you to attend  a local Bible believing Christian Church in your area whenever possible.  If you know of people who cannot or will not attend church, you may wish to tell them about this teaching ministry.  Many people do not attend church because they do not like solicitation of any type.

Blessings in Fields of Grace.  WOTM  – C. S. Craig.



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